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It's the third stand-up special for the half-Filipino comedian, and is the follow-up to his mega-successful Comin' in Hot. He also gives the stage to Filipino breakdancer Ronnie, and there's a performance by Filipino-born singer Inigo Pascual. Although he has one of the most popular comedy specials on Netflix today, few people know anything about his private life.

And in a way, that's a good thing — Jo Koy born Joseph Glenn Herbert is one of the hottest rising stars in comedy today, and there's plenty of comedians whose private lives remain private, which keeps our focus, rightly, on their comedy. But Koy's ex-wife is someone who is in the industry, in her own right, and her career is slowly but surely starting to take off.

And the best part is, she's still in his life. Though she sometimes releases singles under the name "Nura Luca," Angie King says that she makes music that is "dark and dreamy melodies combined with mystery and illusion interpret the blank narrative. She frequently shares updates on her Facebook page ,as well. King's father, David King Sr.

She eulogized him in a video that she shared on her Facebook page. She credited him with helping her launch her music career.

King and Koy got married in They share a son named Joseph Herbert, Jr. However, their marriage didn't work out and they divorced in Despite the failure of their marriage, King and Koy remain on great terms. In fact, King frequently takes to her Instagram to promote Koy's stand-up specials, which suggests that they're not only co-parents, they're great friends.

King has been dating skateboarder-turned-painter Gino Perez since They're also the co-creators of a clothing line called Mexican U.

Even Jo Koy's Ex-Wife Isn't Safe From His Stand-Up Routine

And, believe it or not, Perez, King, and Koy actually collaborated on a piece that he subsequently wore during Comin' In Hot! While Angie King seems to be fairly public with her love life, her ex-husband is a little more reserved. While Koy frequently credits his son for being an inspiration for many of his comedy routines, he doesn't speak much about having a wife or a girlfriend.

Back ina Filipino magazine did a profile on Jo Koy at his restaurant, where he was photographed with a woman named Amy Bray. While there is an old picture of Bray with Jo Koy on her Instagram account — which you can see below — there doesn't seem to be any recent activity between the two as of late, so it's unclear what their current relationshpi status is.

Sign in. Join YourTango Experts. Bernadette Giacomazzo. View this post on Instagram. Subscribe to our newsletter.A great stand-up Jo Koy is not much open to discuss his family in media. However, he does not have good luck in marriage, which was ultimately ended up with split up and then divorce. Although, now he begins love life with a new partner and also rumored to expect a baby with this partner.

But still, his kid from the ex-wife means a lot for him. Probably, this is the reason that he maintains a good relationship with the former partner. On many occasions, he also appreciated her for the reason that she takes care of his child when he is on tour or away from him.

An elegant lady Amy Bray is the Jo Koy girlfriend. InJo Koy got engaged to his girlfriend Amy Bray in the presence of his son and few close friends.

Jo Koy’s Ex-Wife Angie King’s Wiki, Photos & More

This engagement ceremony and Insta post of Amy shows that she is also friendly towards his fiance son that is from his ex. Surely, this is a good sign of a happy family with a divorced person.

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A mystery Angie King is the Jo Koy wife, but no one knows that who is she? As Jo is very confidential about his marriage life. The handsome teenager Joseph is the Jo Koy son. He is an adorable boy, who loves his dad and mom both.

However, his parents are no more together, but he gives them the proper time.

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Surely, Jo Koy is in good terms with all family members including mom, bro, and sisters. But, like ex-wife, he avoids discussing his father, as he left his family and mom when he was very young. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.His birth name is Joseph Glenn Herbert. Having American nationality, he belongs to mixed ethnicity.

The comedian Jo Koy was happily married to his wife Angie King until His wife Angie is a Filipino-American singer. Koy had a private wedding ceremony in the presence of a few family members. Then problems raised in their married life and finally ended their married life with divorce in the year After divorce also, the former couple made commitments to his former wife to stay in a healthy friendly relationship for the sake of their son.

Being a responsible father, he pays child support to his ex-wife and it spoils his son. He was already seen with a girl in various public places after the divorce. Also, Jo announced that he was seriously dating a girl. Koy wanted to keep his personal and dating life as mysterious as possible for the sake of his son.

Also, he has ownership of a condo- in the neighborhood of the same LA area. He stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches i. While his body weighs is about 50 kg.

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He is a bald having hazel eyes color. Jo is drop-out to began stand-up comedy in Then he started door-to-door sales after renting Huntridge Theater.

He recorded over ticket sales of 23, as reported, with 11 shows sold-out. Bio Gossip Biography Jo Koy. Related Posts of Jo Koy.

angie king jo koy

Bio Gossip January 29, You don't become a successful comedian without cracking a few jokes about those closest to you. And if they can handle being the butt of some one-liners that make audiences go wild, then even better. Luckily, Jo Koy's ex-wife seems to be a good sport, because even though they are no longer married, she is still occasionally the subject of some of his commentary at his shows.

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Jo's June 12 Netflix special, Jo Koy: In His Elementsexplores his Filipino culture while highlighting the talents of people from the Philippines as well as his own brand of comedy.

It's not clear yet if Jo is going to invite his audience into his personal life and the dynamic he has with his ex-wife and their shared son, but given his past shows, it would be surprising if he doesn't.

Right now, she has a single available online.

FILIPINOS \u0026 LATINOS 🌮 Jo Koy - Filipino vs Mexican - UK (REACTION!) 🔥

Her first single was released in and, she shared on Instagram, it was one she wrote "about love and self awareness which has an empowering reminder to ourselves that sometimes the love that we give away can easily be taken for granted when we are blinded. Like Jo, she is Fil-American and although their marriage ended in divorce, they seem to be good friends. Their year-old son, Joseph Herbert Jr.

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But they all seem to have a sense of humor about everything and Jo and Angie are honestly ex goals for everyone out there trying to figure out how to co-parent with an ex. The special not only features Jo on-stage giving his comedic commentary on his life and life in the Philippines, but it will also have performances, food, and other culture native to the Philippines to show audiences where his family comes from.

If you have been itching for Jo Koy since his last Netflix special, then you might have to savor this one. Jo also told the San Francisco Chronicle that, because of the COVID pandemic, he had to cancel a tour he had been waiting his whole life to do because of the pandemic. And, given that the immediate future is unclear as far as how live comedy shows will look, he might not be in front of a live audience for quite some time.

View this post on Instagram. What Happened to Melissa M. From 'My lb Life'? Everyone Is Rooting for Her.Jo Koy got into comedy by performing in school acts and performing in front of family and friends and later went to perform in coffee shops, comedy clubs, and theaters.

Since then his career has picked off and his shows are highly rated and always sold out. So he and his three other siblings were raised by his mother. After Jo and Angie got divorce he made a good settlement with his ex-wife and now they are happy and good friends. Jo Koy is a comedian, writer, actor, producer, and entrepreneur. Later after high school, he started performing at a coffee shop and moved to Los Angeles. As a comedian, he is successful and regularly performs at comedy clubs and is mostly bust touring the nation.

His shows are always sold out. He says his son is an inspiration for his jokes he makes a lot of fun of his son in his act. He also credits his mother for acting and comedy talent, she encouraged him to participate in school talent shows and to hold impromptu performances for his family and friends.

angie king jo koy

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angie king jo koy

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Jo Koy Wiki, Son, Wife, Father, Mother & Girlfriend

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angie king jo koy

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Who Is Jo Koy's Ex-Wife? Everything To Know About Angie King

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