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Saeco aroma espresso machine repair

We accept no responsibility for damage to you, your equipment, or your property. You will be working with electricity and water, so please exercise caution and use common sense. If you are uncomfortable with performing any step of this troubleshooting, please contact us to arrange for a technician to inspect and repair your machine.

We do not guarantee that any of the following procedures or replacement parts will fix the problem s with your machine. This is just a logical procedure to follow to determine what is likely wrong. Never run the pump for more than 1 minute at a time, and be sure to let it rest for 1 minute between priming attempts. If water is not present inside the boiler you can damage the heating element and or the thermofuse.

We strongly suggest removing one of the heating element wires to eliminate the chance of burning out the element out or the thermal fuse some machines will have a non-resettable fuse some will have a manual resettable safety thermostat. To do so:.

Refer to the diagram and the parts pictures on this link if you do not know the names or where to locate the parts mentioned below. If you are getting some water to flow through the machine, but not enough to activate the brewing cycle, you should consider descaling the machine.

We do not recommend using vinegar to descale an espresso machine, instead, use a product that is specifically designed for your equipment, such as the Puly Caff brand we sell. Water will always find the easiest path. Here are a couple of scenarios to consider:.

Espresso Cleaner for basket, showerscreen, portafilter mechanism, and mushroom valve assembly. Replacement Single Basket. Replacement Double Basket. Replacement Pump. Replacement Portafilter. My Cart 0 Checkout. To do so: Unplug from power supply Remove six screws and pull the stainless steel cover up.

If the front lip is stuck, you can try carefully prying it out. Once the wire is safe, plug the machine back in. Troubleshooting: We are starting this troubleshooting assuming that voltage is arriving to your pump.

Make sure your machine is properly primed refer to your instruction booklet. Here are a couple of scenarios to consider: A.The Coffee Taster pack is the perfect way to try out 4 different blends of beans. Each kit will include: 1 one This version of Rocco Bar is still blended from the same premium Arabica and Robusta beans, but is a dark roast with strong flavour and even more crema.

saeco aroma espresso machine repair

Imported from Brazil, Central America and Indonesia and roasted Excellent body and creaminess. Hints of chocolate and light bitterness. Packaging: bag of net weight 1. This masterful combination of rare and extraordinary Arabica and Robusta beans is cycle roasted semi-automatically in order for the taste and smell characteristics of each component to amalgamate better and give the fina Anthony's Espresso brand liquid descaler, good for 5 uses.

Milk frother cleaner. Also used to clean milk servers, steam wands, stainless steel pitchers, etc. Special detergent for coffee machines. Traditional and super automatic espresso machines.

Jar of 60 tablets. De'Longhi has developed a wide range of original maintenance products to ensure your espresso machine remains in great working condition. Powder Decalcifier for small domestic coffee machines. Remove the water filter if applicable.

Switch on t Visit us for preventative maintenance, warranty repairs, or general service on a large variety of manufacturers. Apply Reset. All online orders are being shipped as usual, and repair services are running normally with some modifications. Please call your store location upon arrival where someone will be able to assist you by phone. Add to Wish List.

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Saeco Service Repair Centers

Panel Tool Theme default. Background Color Clear.Visit us for preventative maintenance, warranty repairs or general service for a wide variety of espresso machine manufacturers. See our list of serviced machines below. I have a domestic home-use machine that needs service, what do I do? In a nutshell, kindly bring your unit into either one of our Woodbridge or Toronto service centres See 'List of Serviced Machines' below prior to departure. Need a hand to unload?

Do you have a general service package? Will it cost me anything to check my machine? If its decided not to proceed with your repair after we've provided the full assessment to the unit for you it is non-refundable. However, if you do decide to purchase a new machine instead, we will filter your payment towards that cost. How much does it cost to fix my machine? It depends on the problem.

A technician will quote you on the repair including labour and any parts necessary.

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How long will my service take? Typically, the turnaround for an assessment is approximately 1. List of Serviced Machines. Here is a list of espresso machines we are typically able to service. Although there are listed manufacturers that produce other appliance items, we are only able to fix their espresso machines. Call to place a service call with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Be prepared with the following information. We service the GTA and beyond. Apply Reset. List of Serviced Machines Here is a list of espresso machines we are typically able to service. Email Address. Panel Tool Theme default. Background Color Clear. Background Image Clear. Font-Size Inherit 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Clear. Font-Family Clear.

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Saeco Parts Diagrams

Text color Clear.Get a high quality manual Saeco espresso machine into your kitchen! Enjoy a stainless steel design and the patented porta filter for the best Espresso taste and a fantastic crema.

See all benefits. If you're eligible for VAT relief on medical devices, you can claim it on this product.

saeco aroma espresso machine repair

The VAT amount will be deducted from the price shown above. Look for full details in your shopping basket. Pre-heat your cups letting the aroma unfold even better and guaranteeing a long-lasting crema. See all specifications See less specifications.

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saeco aroma espresso machine repair

Taste the full Aroma of your Espresso Get a high quality manual Saeco espresso machine into your kitchen! Find similar products. This product qualifies for VAT relief. Saeco Aroma Manual Espresso machine. Similar products See all saeco-manual-espresso-machines. Bundle bonus Make it a bundle and get 1 item for free Discover your savings when you bundle the below products together. Bundle price. Make it a bundle.As you might have guessed i snagged up another espresso machine. Having seen some of the pictures of the machine before committing to the sale it seemed like an easy fix.

When i picked up the package it came in this afternoon it all went south though. When i opened the box i quickly noticed that the watertank had been broken because the powercable was put behind it. Not startled just yet i put a little water in the tank just enough to cover the waterinlethose and plugged it in.

When i reset the breaker and opened up the machine i noticed that it looked a lot like the Isomac Giada i recently repaired. On a hunch i pulled the two connectors from the heatingelement and plugged the machine back in. Bad news. Opening the boiler revealed a couple of odd things. The first thing i noticed was the sheer amount of calcium deposits and flakes in it, even though the seller told me it was recently descaled.

The heatingelement looked a little twisted too and when i cleaned out the scaling it suddenly made sense why the machine tripper the breaker. I assume the previous owner tried to remedy the leaking boiler by trying to tighten the two nuts on the heatingelement. The problem with that is however that the heatingelement will twist if you use too much force with the risk of damaging the heatingelement.

In this particular case the heatingelement had to endure a tremendous amount torquing which lead to two individual rips in the metal of the element. Dear Sebastiaan, my Seaco Aroma also leeks. The water is comming from under the nut entrance of the heating element.

I replaced the rubber o-rings and the heating element. But when I put the new ones in they looked a bit small. Do you think something else could cause the leek. Hi Paul, the rings that you mention are not supposed to be rubber! Normally there are two soft plastic rings used to seal them off. I recommend replacing them as soon as possible to prevent any possible electrical damages. But beware, there are two types of heating elements with different diameter threads and different diameter rings.

Hello, i have a ferrari cremosa, looks like is a saeco aroma clone, is just like it buty black. A pressurized portafilter definitely is more forgiving in terms of what coffee you use and its coarseness. Really as long as you can adjust the grinds coarseness on the grinder and you can get it fine and consistent enough, you can use pretty much any grinder, even hand grinders!

Do you have a grinder of some sort already? You can compare your portafilter to the one in the pictures in the Saeco Aroma — cleaned, repaired and ready for action post. Dear Sebastiaan. I proceeded to turn it on and off again, but no luck….Almost two weeks ago I posted an article on my most recently bought Espresso machine, the Saeco Aroma with a couple of hidden defects. Once things were sorted out with the seller and the necessary parts were ordered I could finally get to work.

Like I wrote in the article mentioned above, the innards of the Saeco Aroma look a lot like the Isomac Giada I repaired earlier. It also uses a single hose water system, which basically means that the hose used to pull water in is also used to relieve excess waterpressure from the boiler. Once I took the machine apart and ordered all the necessary parts, all I could do in the time in between was cleaning the frame and parts.

While I had the boiler apart I put it into a citric acid bath and let it soak for a few hours. Normally about half an hour is long enough but since the upper part of the boiler has a fixed baffle in it I let it soak a little longer so that all possibly hidden calcium deposits or scale buildup would be gone as well. The steamvalve and paranello were cleaned the old fashioned way, with dishwashing soap and a sponge.

The sad part? I had ran out of things to clean…. With all the parts cleaned it was just a matter of waiting for the replacement parts to arrive and once those landed on my doorstep it was time to get cracking. The obvious parts to be replaced are all the rubber o-rings and the heating element. I also like to install a new powercord on all the machines that I get my hands on.

First I put the top half of the boiler back together. When applying thermal paste it is important to not go crazy with it, just a small drop will do. With all three sensors in place I reinstalled the sensor retainingclip and tightened the assembly with the two nuts on the heatingelement.

To prevent damaging the heatingelement by using too much force while installing the element, place top half of the boiler with the element in the palm of your hand.

The nuts should be tight but the element should not twist! Replacing them was quite easy, I used the old ones as a guide to cutting the new ones. I did a quick mockup with the boiler unit partially in place and attached the hoses to make sure none of them would be too short or too long. The mechanical parts of these machines are quite simple to put back together, the electrical part however is quite a different story.

I always refer back to my notes and pictures to verify that I reconnected everything as it was connected before I started working on the machine.

In this case however I forgot to specifically take written notes of the order of the temperature sensors, my other photos however showed me exactly which one went where and which wires were attached to them. The standard portafilter for this machine is different from regular portafilters, it actually is a key component in making the espresso. Normally the portafilter is just a handle that keeps the basket with the coffee grounds in place.

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The coffee grounds are packed tightly into the basket so that the machine has to force the water through the dense puck of coffee. Luckily a lengthy soak in a Pully Caff bath did wonders. After that all the parts were cleaned with regular dishwashing soap and then reassembled.

This machine has been fun to get to know and it certainly threw me off for a bit when i first got my hands on the portafilter. However, to keep new projects coming in i will have to sell this one as well.Quick Links. Co ee Machine. Documentation required. Tools and equipment required. Safety warnings. Service Policy. External machine parts. Internal machine parts.

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Technical speci cations. Speci cation for the measurement of the co ee prod. Machine parameters and performance. User instructions. Intelia Cappuccino customer and programming menu. Intelia Latte customer and programming menu. Intelia Focus and Class customer and programming menu. Intuita customer and programming menu. Operation, cleaning and maintenance. Operating logic. Water circuit. Single microswitch. Temperature sensor.

All parts of this document are the property of Saeco International Group. All rights reserved. This document and all the information herein is provided without liability deriving from any errors or omissions. Furthermore, no part may be reproduced, used or. Low bean level detection, dose quantity adjustment.

Dose self-learning SAS. Water level detection water tank. Descaling request. Water lter. Intelia Cappuccino milk carafe. Intelia Cappuccino test mode. Intelia Focus and Class Test mode. Standard checks. Repair schedule. Service schedule.

Final test. Intelia Cappuccino outer Shell. Intellia Class and Focus outer Shell.

saeco aroma espresso machine repair

Grinder blades.

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